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Stefan Haverkamp is a Germany/ US based Producer & Director.

His most prominent feature film is Ratter and stars Pretty Little Liar Ashley Benson with How To Get Away With Murder and Orange Is The New Black’s Matt McGorry.

The Start Media Production was purchased by Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions (SPWA) after its world premiere in 2015 and is distributed in 83 countries.

The premise is based on his viral short Webcam with over 8.5 million views on Vimeo alone.

Bury is his directorial debut and recorded only using GoPro cameras.

Gunpowder & Sky distributes the picture on Amazon, iTunes, XBOX, Vudu & Google Play.

Stefan’s most notable commercial is NY Yankees Fragrances - First Throw and features MLB Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera.

Stefan's work received millions of dollars of free press coverage from some of the biggest press giants and influencers on the planet.

CNN, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Vimeo, A+, MTV, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, MLB.com, Creativity Online & AdWeek

Lil Wayne, Ashton Kutcher, Jeanne Moos, Mariano Rivera, George Takei, Matt McGorry, Karlie Kloss & Ashley Benson

stefanhaverkamp@gmx.de +49 (0)176/ 57675277


Feature & Short Films

Credit: Executive Producer & Director of Photography